4 Baby Shower Gifts Money Can’t Buy

If someone you know is about to have a baby, they’ve probably already been given too many clothes and muslin cloths to last them a lifetime. If you’re looking for unique baby shower gifts that money can’t buy, then look no further!

Home-cooked food

When you have a newborn on your hands, it becomes almost impossible to cook yourself something delicious for dinner. With this in mind, preparing some home-cooked food for the new parents is an excellent idea. You can prepare things that are easily frozen, such as casseroles and curries, so they’ll always have access to something healthy and nutritious when they’re running low on time.


Along a similar line, many parents of newborns barely have time to keep their homes in order. So, if you have a spare couple of hours, then you could offer to keep their home clean for them. Some people might take offense to this, so make sure you know how the new parents will take it. Write up some little coupons that they can trade in for things like cleaning and ironing.


Not everyone wants to leave their newborn for a little while, but new parents will likely be grateful for a promise of future babysitting. Again, you can make up some coupons that they can hand to you whenever they need a night off. Or even just a promise of an on-call pair of hands will go down a treat.

Napping goodies

Why not make up the new parents a little hamper of goodies for whenever they get a chance to nap? You can include things like an eye-mask, a pillow spray, some herbal tea, and even a good book to help them drift off. They’ll be so thankful for this gift when they finally get a chance to put their head down.

These baby shower gifts are bound to go down a treat for any new parent!