Celebrity Baby Clothes And Accessories You Can Actually Buy

Have you found yourself flicking through the gossip columns or social media only to find yourself wondering where the stars get all their baby clothes and accessories? We might not live in Hollywood Hills or hang around with the A-listers, but that doesn’t mean our young one can’t live like a star.

My Very Own Fairy Tale

Many of us love reading to our little ones, and now it could be time to bring the stories to life like never before. Not only will you get to enjoy a fairy tale, but your kids can become part of the story too – literally. These customizable stories see your little one become the main character of the book. The best bit? The tales are loved by the likes of Brooke Shields and Courteney Cox.

Celebrity Baby Clothes And Accessories You Can Actually Buy

Maclaren Buggy

If you want to keep up with the like of Adam Sandler, Liv Tyler, and Jennifer Garner, then look no further. While some celebs prefer to go all out with their strollers, it seems as though this bunch prefer a more down to Earth option for their little ones. As well as being affordable for most of us, the Maclaren buggy is said to be easy to navigate and super-light making it perfect for the parent on the go.

Corolle Baby Dolls

There are baby dolls, and then there are Corolle baby dolls. The dolls come with a host of outfits and even have a range of bath dolls that can make bathtime more fun than ever before. It seems as though they are so popular that even the likes of Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker have invested in them over the years.

Celebrity Baby Clothes And Accessories You Can Actually Buy

Baby K’tan Carrier

Natalie Portman, John Stamos, and Olivia Wilde are just some of the many celebs who have been spotted using the Baby K’tan Carrier over the years, and there’s a good reason: they’re simple to use. They are a wrap without any wrapping as the carrier slides over just like a t-shirt. The best bit? They can be used from the moment they are born all the way up to 35 pounds.

Clover Clothes

Having kids can soon teach us how quickly they grow. Thankfully, Clover clothes use long-lasting fabrics that are stretchy and unbelievably soft. Alec and Hilaria Baldwin, and Haylie Duff’s young ones have been spotted in many of these outfits over the years, but it gets better. The clothes have been designed so they can be worn all day before transforming into pajamas. No more battling with outfit changes in sight.

Thankfully, we could be about to enjoy our celeb parents and act like one, too. All we need is some of the baby clothes and accessories spotted on the young ones to the stars, and our little ones could soon be enjoying the high life.