Newborn Baby Checklist: Here’s What The New Arrival Needs

Got a new baby on the way? Congratulations! It can seem quite daunting knowing exactly what you need before the new arrival is here. Luckily, we’ve created the ultimate newborn baby checklist so you can ensure you have everything ready in time.


Let’s start with the big things! You’ll want a cot, along with a mattress and bedding for the nursery. However, a Moses basket should serve your newborn well until they’re old enough to go into their new room. You will also want somewhere to change your baby, including a changing mat and somewhere to store the countless diapers and wipes you’re bound to go through. Finally, a bouncy chair and a baby bath are the other big essentials you’ll want to invest in.

Out and About

First up, you’re going to want a car seat to ensure you can bring your newborn baby home from the hospital! There are lots of things to think about with a car seat, so make sure you do your research first. Of course, other than this, you’ll also wasnt to invest in a pram, buggy or an entire travel system. You may find that an entire travel system that includes the car seat is the most cost-effective and easiest to use.

Clothes and Accessories

It’s important not to go too wild when it comes to clothes, as your little one will grow out of them so quickly! Plus, if you’re lucky enough to have friends and family, then you’ll likely get lots of clothes from them too. However, a handful of sleepsuits and vests, plus a couple of cardigans, shawls, mittens, hats and bootees should suffice. Don’t forget to invest in lots and lots of bibs. Finally, muslin cloths and towels for bathing, dribbling and burping!

Hopefully, this newborn baby checklist has covered the basics for you. Time to go shopping!