Parents on Reddit Share What They’ve Done in Order to Not Wake Their Baby

If you’re a parent yourself, you know how important it is for your child (and you, of course), once you put them down to sleep to keep them sleeping. So if you’ve woken up your baby with something you did, you probably started doing everything in your power to not wake them again. This is what parents on Reddit have discussed in one of the threads and some of the answers are just hilarious. Check them out to see that many parents do something weird in order to keep the baby sleeping!

Mother putting baby to sleep at the crib
The Confessions on Reddit

The original poster on Reddit decided to kick things off by sharing their own story. They said that they twist open all water bottles before, so they don’t make a loud clicking noise and possibly wake the baby. Others followed by sharing how they open soda cans or their chip bags basically in the next zip code so they don’t disturb the baby’s sleep. And at least one of the parents confessed they snack in the pantry to limit the noise coming from their chewing. Some of them have even developed some mad skills on exiting the baby’s room when they’re napping without making a single sound, using very small, calculated motions in order to avoid any creaks.

Sleeping Baby
The Other Side of the Spectrum

But what do the parents who haven’t mastered the exit so well, and they even have a baby sleeping ON them, do? They master other skills, as can be seen from the Reddit thread! Some even manage to slowly and quietly get up with a baby on them to use the bathroom. Others just learned to forget about thirst and other needs while the baby is having their nap on top of them. And of course, there are also some parents who use white noise machines, dryers, and other appliances to cover up other noise. There are also those who just don’t do a thing and their baby can sleep through anything.

Whatever you do to keep the baby sleeping, know that you’re not alone. Some really can sleep through any noise but others require silence. So no matter what your case is, as long as the little one is sleeping, that’s awesome!