Most Popular Baby Names For 2019

Choosing the right name for your baby is one of your first challenges as a new parent. Do you want something completely unique? Or perhaps you want to opt for a name that plenty of other parents have gone for. Whether you’re trying to pick the most popular baby names or avoid them, these are the ones to watch in 2019.

Place Names

It seems as though names inspired by places are seeing another resurgence in recent times, which is perfect if you’re a globe-trotter. We can expect to see a lot more babies named India, Cairo, Dallas, and Africa in 2019 according to name trends. On top of place names, global-inspired names also seem to be climbing the rankings. These include Greek names such as Athena, Acacius, and Cyrene. Maori and Native American names also seem to be more regularly searched for recently, according to the experts.

Most Popular Baby Names For 2019

Royal Names

Royal names will see a rise in popularity this year, for obvious reasons. After the latest royal birth, new parents are filled with Royal Fever! For boys, Archie is likely to climb to the top of the list, alongside names such as Edward, and Charles. Alice, Diana, Elizabeth, and Victoria are some of the names for a girl that we’ll see on the rise, too. Along with these names, both Meghan and Harry are on the rise, as well.

TV And Cartoon Names

It seems as though our days in front of Netflix are influencing our baby naming choices if the rankings are anything to go by. Names such as Elsa (Frozen), Archie (Riverdale), and Arya (Game of Thrones) have been steadily climbing up the rankings in recent times. Famous actors are also popular, with names such as Elijah (Wood) and Noah (Centineo) in the current top ten names for boys.

Most Popular Baby Names For 2019

Gender Neutral

Finally, gender neutral names are another significant trend we’re expecting to see more of this year. Briar, Campbell, Justice, Robin, and Finley have all been rising up the baby name rankings recently. These aren’t just names that used to be popular for girls and then given to boys, or vice versa, these are entirely gender-neutral names.

It’s going to be an exciting year for popular baby names, and one that may see a shakeup of the top ten once and for all. Now you just have to decide if you want to go for a name everyone else is going to have or something more unusual!