A Step By Step Guide To Your Baby’s Walking Milestones

Having a baby can be a new and exciting time for many. As well as enjoying a whole new life together, it can also be a learning curb as you get to know your baby’s walking milestones.

Rolling Over

This is usually one of the first milestones, and babies will often start to roll over between two and four months old. Most usually begin by rolling from their tummy to their back as they can use their arms for support, but some start the other way around. It’s important to keep an extra close watch on your little one as they learn to roll in case they decide to disappear off the furniture.

A Step By Step Guide To Your Baby’s Walking Milestones

Sitting Up

Many babies start to hold their head up by three to four months. This is typically a sign they are about to sit up. Tummy time is essential to strengthen those core muscles as well as building up the spine and neck. Pillows might become your baby’s new best friend before they have the strength to hold themselves up for more than a few seconds on their own.


Crawling babies can be a huge turning point in many parents’ lives. Some babies start crawling between six and twelve months while others might make it to one-year-old before they are off. Don’t panic if your baby doesn’t crawl around on all fours to start with. Every youngster has their own crawling style with some heading sideways, others going backward, and some even sitting up and crawling across the floor on their behind.

A Step By Step Guide To Your Baby’s Walking Milestones


Most young ones are able to pull themselves up to their feet between nine and twelve months old. Babies will need some help at first from furniture, your legs, and just about anything they can grab hold of to keep themselves balanced. Thankfully, getting up on two feet will soon help them to learn how to balance. Placing toys on steps or the couch can help your baby to learn to reach up and get what it is they want.


Most young ones are taking their first steps by the time they are 16 months old. Believe it or not, but some babies are walking by nine months while others might be 18 months old before they take their first step. All the previous milestones help babies to build up the muscles and strength they need to learn how to walk. It’s thought that giving your little one plenty of space will help them get the confidence they need to take even more steps.

Babies can bring a whole new meaning to our lives, and many parents get the joy of sitting back and watching as their little ones learn. Thankfully, learning about your baby’s walking milestones can help to see how your young one is progressing through the first months of their lives.