Top Tips For Bathing Your Baby For The First Time

There are so many firsts that come with a newborn. So what about the first bath? These top tips for bathing your baby for the first time should help to make wash time a breeze for everyone.

Top Tips For Bathing Your Baby For The First Time

Gather Everything You Need

Many choose to wash their baby in the sink or a baby bath for their first bath, but it can be helpful to have everything ready that you will need before getting your baby in the tub. This list could include a large towel, a soft sponge or flannel, cotton balls, baby soap, and a baby comb if your little one already has hair.

Prepare The Water

A baby’s skin is a lot more sensitive than an adult’s meaning the water might not need to be as hot as we think. Testing the temperature of the water with your elbow or the back of your hand should show that it’s warm – not hot. Plus, two inches of water us typically all a baby needs.

Top Tips For Bathing Your Baby For The First Time

Feet First

Gently pouring water over your baby’s head can help them get used to the feeling of the water. Then, slide them into the bath feet first to make sure the water is away from their face. Using a warm flannel over their stomach can help to keep your baby warm if the water doesn’t quite cover them.

Keep Things Gentle

Of course, babies can be quite delicate, so it’s important not to scrub at their skin. Plus, vernix in the creases of their skin can help the skin barrier to form. However, be warned; wet babies can be slippery creatures, and it might take some practice before both babies and parents are used to the new feeling.

Top Tips For Bathing Your Baby For The First Time

Hair Last

Some babies are born with flowing locks of hair. If your baby has a head full of hair, then it’s important to make sure you wash it last. Gentle shampoo can be massaged into their head and left for a few minutes before getting gently rinsed away. However, doing this last means your baby won’t have to sit in soapy water.

All Wrapped Up

Newborns lose their heat a lot quicker than adults. This means having a towel ready as soon as bathtime is essential. All you need to do is gently pat them dry before dressing your baby in a clean diaper and clothes ready for your next adventure.

Bathing your baby could lead to many photo opportunities and memories along the way, and bathing your baby for the first time can be the start of it all. Breathe, relax, and remember: this is the start of one of the greatest adventures in life.