3 Inspiring TED Talks for Kids

Childhood is the best time to develop characters. Kids can consume so much knowledge compared to us the adults. That being said, there are some great TED Talks videos that can inspire and help your kids bolster their characteristics.
I still remember the first time I watched a TED Talks video – it changed my perspective towards many things. Surely, kids can get more benefits than you can imagine.

Some of these videos can change you, move you, and force you to think out of the box.
Without wasting any more words, let’s look at the three TED Talks videos that you should ask your kids to watch.

Dare to Dream Big (Runtime 9 Min)

Having an “impossible” vision is the first step towards achieving unimaginable success. That’s why almost all the motivational speakers always urge to “dream big.” But teaching the importance to dream big is not that easy especially to the kids. Isabella Rose Taylor, a college freshman and a fashion designer can make it easier. This 9-minute short speech hasn’t got the mainstream attention but it has all the good ingredients to cook the perfect motivational speech recipe.

I loved how she opened her speech with “Today I want to talk to you about dreams and stories.” Then she implies on the strength of self-believe and confidence with the famous four-minute-mile story. She finishes her mind-boggling speech with a simple yet powerful suggestion, “We should aim as high as possible and dream big.”

What Do You Wanna Be When You Grow Up? (Runtime 12 Min)

Kids almost always face this question. Then, they reply with an inspiring smug and undaunting confidence – I wanna be a doctor, a firefighter, a policeman, a scientist, and astronaut, and so on! Kids love answering the question. But things are not so simple for older kids, kids who are about to finish high school.

For them, the question often feels like a nightmare. While choosing a college, they often think that they are making the wrong choice. Sixteen or eighteen years is barely enough time to define ourselves. That’s why Emilie Wapnick’s speech is so important. She explains why most of us don’t have a “one true calling.”

She helps the kids with who are confused and yet to find one single skill or strength, “There’s nothing wrong with you. What you are, is a ‘multipotentiality’. Someone with many interests and creative pursuits.” If your kid is going through such hard times, you should encourage them to watch this video.

Living Beyond Limits (Runtime 10 Mins)

Life is not a bed of roses. No matter how hard we try, our lives will take a bad turn and we will suffer as nothing goes according to plan. Does that mean you should give up? No!

The speaker, Amy Purdy lost her legs when she was just 19! She only had a 2% chance of living as she had bacterial meningitis. Despite her disabilities, she is now a pro-snowboarding athlete.

But how? Amy explains, “It’s believing in those dreams and facing our fears head-on that allows us to live our lives beyond our limits.”