5 Fun And Easy Halloween Craft Ideas For Kids

Looking for some fun Halloween craft ideas for your children, that aren’t too expensive or difficult? Then look no further! We have rounded up five of the best that your children will love doing – and you might even enjoy them yourself, too…

Leaf Ghosts

It doesn’t get much easier than this when it comes to Halloween crafts! All you need are some leaves that you can find out in the yard or even on the walk to school. Paint the leaves white and then leave them to dry. Finally, add in some spooky details with black pen and stick them up around the house.

3D Paper Pumpkins

These may look difficult to make, but they’re surprisingly quick and easy! All you need are some orange paper strips, which you can cut from some card or buy from a crafting store. Use a hole punch to punch holes in each end of the strips, then stack them all on top of each other. Use a brass fastener on each of the ends and then make a U shape before fanning them out.

Candy Wreath

You will find plenty of wreath templates available in crafting stores at this time of year, so grab yourself one of those and a whole load of candies. You may want to help your children out with this one, as the easiest way to fasten each of the candies is with a hot glue gun. People will rush to knock on your door with one of these!

Spider Cookies

Want to take your Halloween crafting to the kitchen? Then you’ll love making these spider cookies! Grab yourself some orange-filled Oreos along with some M&Ms for the eyes and licorice for the legs.

Rainbow Pumpkins

Want to brighten up your home with multi-colored pumpkins? All you need for this project are plenty of pumpkins and some brightly colored paint. Your children will love painting and the overall finish is very chic.

So, which Halloween craft idea will you do first?