5 Podcasts Your Child Should Be Listening To

What if you found something that makes your kid beg you to turn off the TV and put away video games? With the screen era in play, it seems practically impossible to find anything like this, but with podcasts, anything is possible. You may be a podcast lover already, but have you considered introducing the vibe to your kids?

5 Podcasts Your Child Should Be Listening To

Podcasters have realized that children love what they do and they have started producing content that can be used in the classroom.

Here Are Five Amazing Podcasts for Kids:

Stories Podcast

Stories podcast produces a new account every week. They draw their narratives from various sources and feature a variety of styles. They re-tell classics like “Snow White” and “Cinderella.” Some of the tales they feature have a new storyline. Episodes are between ten and twenty minutes. Therefore, your little one won’t be bored. Everything is G-rated and safe for kids of all ages.

5 Podcasts Your Child Should Be Listening To

What if World

It is one of the most imaginative podcasts you will find for kids. The producers answer the kind of questions your child would ask. For instance, “What if unicorns and werewolves were real and could be kept as pets?” “What if I could jump into the TV and get into Minecraft world?” Kids can call and suggest topics they would like to be featured on the show.

Fierce Girls

It is an Australian podcast that showcases real stories of Australian women. The show features all kinds of strong women from spies to athletes. It has a unifying theme of an adventurous girl with “spirit” and “gut.” The hosts aren’t afraid of telling the stories as they happened. However, they avoid graphic content. Depending on your child’s age, you should listen to the podcast first before allowing them to listen.

5 Podcasts Your Child Should Be Listening To

Earth Rangers

The podcast has a considerable biology angle. It is meant to interest kids that love digging in the dirt, listening to tales of the ecosystem and learning about animals. Episodes last about 15 minutes and they tackle one animal or an environmental phenomenon.

5 Podcasts Your Child Should Be Listening To

Dream Big

The show is among the top-rated kids and family podcasts. It is family-friendly and goes to inspire both kids and parents. Dream big is hosted by Eva Karpman, who is a seven-year-old girl that is determined to make a difference. Eva and her mum interview celebrities that inspire the generation. Every week there is a new speaker. The consistent message is discovering your passion and chasing your dreams.