A Creative and Fun Crafting Idea for Kids – Tissue Box Monsters

Anyone who likes recycling and teaching their kids arts and crafts will surely have fun with this idea! Instead of throwing away the empty tissue box, get some googly eyes, and paint for a fun-filled afternoon of crafting. Every tissue monster will be unique and they can be repurposed for different uses, so it’s in no way a waste of materials!

Tissue box monsters
The Necessary Supplies

Arts and crafts projects can be fun and creative without requiring many expensive supplies. This idea requires several basic materials that are easy to come by. All that’s needed is an empty tissue box, a few googly eyes, white and colored acrylic paints, glue, paper, and whatever you’d like to use for decoration. To make your monster extra special and unique, use fuzzy pom-poms, glitter, colorful straws, paper cupcake liners, and whatever else comes to mind!

DIY crafts supplies
Have Fun Crafting

Paint the box white to cover the underlying design. When it’s dry, paint the box your preferred monster color, using a different color for the inside. Outline the mouth with a black marker to make it pop. Cut out and glue on a few paper teeth, attach the googly eyes, and have fun decorating and designing unique monsters!

New Purposes for an Old Tissue Box

Recycling can certainly be fun, especially when it turns into a fun-filled bonding experience with the kids. Once the monsters are crafted, they can be used in many different ways. For example, they can be used to store napkins or plastic utensils for children’s parties. Put some LED candles or wire lights in them and make a spooky night light.

DIY purple monster tissue box
Because each monster will have a unique look, and many kids are visual learners, the crafted monsters can be incorporated into their studies. Write nouns, verbs, and adverbs on little pieces of paper and have the kids divide and feed them to the right monster to make learning more fun!