How to Create a Homework Corner That Will Encourage Your Child to Study

Does your child usually leave their homework halfway done? Having the right studying space can make homework time less of a chore.

Most kids and teens develop poor reading habits from watching TV and texting while doing their homework. The best gift you can give your little bunny is to set them up early for success. Follow these tips to help them create a designated study corner.

Pick a Space

The first step is to select the ideal studying space. To do this, consider your child’s reading style. Some kids thrive when they are in the middle of some activity, and seclusion wouldn’t work well for them. Others prefer undisrupted attention. Ideal spaces would be the bedroom, family room, den, and the basement.

Have the (Right) Furniture

When studying, one should be comfortable to ensure maximum productivity. Therefore, invest in a chair that will keep your little one comfortable. If you don’t like the typical office-type chair, go for a wood-frame one with a comfortable backrest. Get a good desk too.

Keep Supplies Close

How vivid are your childhood memories? Do you remember breaking your pencil and spending close to an hour looking for the cute sharpener? Things would get worse if an adult walked in and found you not doing what you were asked to. Make sure your child doesn’t experience a similar ordeal. Find a portable holding cart for the stationery.

Pop of Color and a Suitable Theme

A smart homework corner is not about functionality alone. You should watch out for the aesthetics too. Adding color in the interior design will make it look playful and exciting to study in. Consider decorating the corner according to your kid’s preferred theme.

Personalize It

Homework is a boredom culprit. You can easily liven up your child’s homework space by including some personal touches. You can put up some art pieces or motivational stickers to inspire them. Their favorite photos will also do the magic.

Get Their Input

Allow your little one to give suggestions rather than handling the entire project alone. Let them say what they would like to see in their homework space. Shop for the furniture and set up space together. Leave choices like the color, tools, posters, and materials for your child to decide.

Reward Efforts

All work without play will make any child miserable. Teach your kid the value of taking responsibility. While at it, find ways of rewarding their efforts. You can create a pyramid of rewards, such that when they get to a significant figure like 100, they will receive a gift.