Kids Can Now Learn to Rap From Home With Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Classes

Freestyle Love Supreme is an improv group formed by Lin-Manuel Miranda and buddies. They used to perform on stage a lot before March of 2020 when the world situation drastically changed. At the time, they have already created improv rap classes for adults, but once we were all at home, they decided to do a virtual kids’ program.

Lin-Manuel Miranda rapping on stage

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Classes

The kid’s group classes of Lin-Manual Miranda were on Zoom, once a week, every Friday. The first session is all about the basics of freestyling and then all of the kids have to introduce themselves and choose a rap name. From then on, the classes consist of three games or activities each time. After each activity, they give shoutouts to their classmates before they move on to the next activity. The great thing about these classes is that freestyling is a game and kids are really good at it.

The Story of a Mom & Her Daugther

girl during an online class

A mom shared online her daughter’s and her own experience with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s classes. She enrolled her daughter who was almost seven at the time and she said that the little girl had a lot of fun during the classes. She learned how to perfect rhymes, tell a cohesive story, and keep true beats. The confidence of the little girl was also affected in a positive way. The mom also shared that they would rap together every time the virtual class was over and they did it to stay sane during the rough times, which involved suddenly having to stay at home.

The mother shared that the Freestyle Love Supreme classes didn’t only give them entertainment during the stay-at-home time. The virtual classes exposed her daughter to a diverse group of people, which also helped the mom talk about race issues to her young children. Overall, her opinion of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s classes is that they give children a lot more than pure entertainment.

Shay Mitchell Gave Her New Baby Girl a Name Loaded With Meaning

Shay Mitchell, one of the stars of the show Pretty Little Liars, recently gave birth to her second baby – another little girl. She and her partner, Matte Babel, chose a very special name for their little bundle of joy. The model-turned-actress shared the meaning of the beautiful name under a picture she posted on her Instagram profile.

Shay Mitchell A Beautiful Name With Meaning

Recently, Shay Mitchell lost her beloved grandmother Romaine. She was very close with her grandmother and wanted the name of her daughter to be inspired by the person she loved so much but is no longer here with her. So Shay and her boyfriend gave the little baby girl the unique name Rome. She wrote, in the Instagram post where she shared the baby’s name, that after losing the most important person in her life this year, right before she welcomed her second daughter, everything shifted for her. She continued by saying that one thing is staying steady in her soul and that’s the belief that her grandmother and baby girl have spent time together.

Shay Mitchell announcing the birth of her 2nd daughter - Rome

In the photo, you can see her holding the little baby girl close to her chest. On Shay Mitchell’s neck, you can see a necklace with the beautiful and meaningful name of her daughter Rome. She also wrote how happy she was that little Rome is already here, named after her best friend, soulmate, her ‘person’ – her grandmother Romaine. She had opened up about the loss of her grandmother back in February in another Instagram post and said that her pregnancy felt bittersweet.

This Is Shay Mitchell’s Second Child

Shay Mitchell and her 1st daughter - Atlas Back in 2019, Shay Mitchell and her boyfriend Matte Babel welcomed their first child – a little girl named Atlas. Back then, she announced the fact they have become parents by sharing a picture of her holding the baby’s hand and captioned it “Never letting go…” Shay had said many times how much she loves being a mom but she was also very open about the fact she had some negative emotions, too, when she was expecting Atlas. She said that once she shared her experience, many women did the same and this made her feel less alone.

Now, Shay Mitchell is a mother of two and things are coming full circle for her. On Mother’s Day, she shared a photo with her mini-me – her daughter Atlas and wrote that home is where she is and thanked her for making her a mom.