A Librarian Has Encouraged Children To Go On Blind Dates With Books

According to one librarian, going on blind dates with books is a good way to get kids to try new things and build their love of reading. Books indeed serve as the perfect gift, and book lovers everywhere will use any excuse to integrate novels into an upcoming holiday, and Valentine’s Day is no exception.

School Librarian Ashley Kwiecinski Set Up Blind Dates With Books

A Librarian Has Encouraged Children To Go On Blind Dates With Books
School Librarian Ashley Kwiecinski certainly found a way to introduce books to her students’ Valentine’s Day by setting up blind dates with books. The program was meant to incorporate a fun element into the routine library visits of the children. According to Kwiecinski, the concept was meant to introduce a mystery book to each child, encouraging them to check out some topic they would otherwise overlook.

To achieve her goals, Kwiencinski covered the books with paper and wrote hints about the genre, plot, and elements on the packaging to aid their selection. Kwiecinski mentioned that she looked at reading as a gift and books as literal gifts. She added that her activity would hopefully help grow the children’s love of reading.

Books Describing Love Stories Were Perfect for the Holiday

Love stories are usually about tales that are as old as time and have been entertaining generations of readers. The rom-com, romance, and chick-lit genres are certainly great for Valentine’s day, and there are many titles available for enthusiasts. Titles of popular love stories ranging from Romeo and Juliet, The Fault In Our Stars, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower are all considered classics for teenagers. The novels by Jane Austen are also a good choice for anyone interested, especially Pride and Prejudice.

According to librarian Ashley Kwiecinski, simplicity is key for children, and knowing and understanding love shouldn’t be a confusing and complex topic. She also said how it was all about the return people feel with love, meaning that when they give love, it comes back to them.