Four Messy Crafts Little One Will Absolutely Love to Do

You’ve probably seen the happiness in your kid’s eyes when they’re splashing in puddles or doing any other messy activity. The good news is that getting wet or sticky is also a component of healthy development. You should not deprive your kids of a chance to get messy and this is why should try these four messy crafts.

4 Messy Crafts Your Little One Will Absolutely Love to Do
Messy Crafts 101: Paint Splattering

Lay cardboard or drop cloth on the ground and give the child a piece of paper. Let them squish some paint on a cotton round and put it on the paper, with the paint side down. After, give the little one a wooden spoon and let them smash the round. See what will happen and let them experiment with other methods of paint application too!

Making Pasta Noodles from Scratch

Your kids will truly enjoy being covered in a gluey, pasty dough and then see how it comes together to create the pasta dishes they love! All you need are pasta ingredients and a simple dough scraper you can get for cheap and use to remove any residue from your countertops.

Press Paper Pulp

With this messy craft, your kids will not only learn how to make paper but also a bit of botany. You will need water, construction paper, a blender, a large bowl, a packet of wildflower seeds, cookie cutters, old or inexpensive window screens, and flower petals.

Let your kids go crazy tearing paper into little bits and then soak them in water for an hour. Put them into the blender with some extra water and blend until you form a damp, not runny, sludge. Add extra water in the process if needed and make sure this step is handled by an adult! Pour the mixture back into the bowl, put almost all the seeds in it, and stir. Then put the screen on the ground and the cookie cutters on top. Let your kids fill the cutters with the mixtures and decorate with petals and more seeds. Once they are dried, pop them out of the cutters and you can put them in soil and get real flowers to sprout from the paper ones you made!

Squish Shaving Cream

You will need a few water-resistant toys, a bin or a kid’s pool, and cans of shaving cream or foamy kids’ soap. Put all the toys into the bin and put shaving cream on top. Let your kid go looking for them in the cream and get real messy! It’s one of the messy crafts all kids just love to do!