A Podcast List for Kids: What They Can Listen to With Their Parents

As an adult, you probably have a podcast or two that are considered your favorites. Did you know you can listen to podcasts specifically for kids and still enjoy them? These podcasts encourage kids to use their brains while also keeping them engaged through adventure, humor, and storytelling.

Kids listening to music and watching videosPut on a Podcast and Chill

The following list of podcasts is family-friendly, which means that the adults will like them too. This can make car rides smoother and entertaining your kids – a breeze. Each podcast is considered to be a form of screentime that won’t cause overstimulation. They’re a great way to learn something new, both for you and your kids.

Podcasts are great to amuse and inform. Whether you have kids that are interested in things that you can’t explain, they’re likely a podcast for it. Research has shown that kids can learn to read by being read to. So, story-based podcasts for kids can help. Here are some to try out:

1. Wow in the World

Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas - the hosts of the kid's podcast Wow in the World.
The hosts of this podcast are Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas, who are parents themselves. They talk about kid-friendly news stories each week. They kick off each episode with a series of questions regarding scientific discoveries or findings. The questions are then answered through comedy and debates.

2. Story Seeds

Dan Gutman and 11-year-old Hannah on a podcast episode of Story Seeds.
This podcast launched in March of this year. With schools starting to close and most of the world on lockdown, the podcast was a great outlet for kids. It’s for both kids and teens as it features collaborations between established young writers and authors between the ages of 6 and 12. There’s a lot of creativity and storytelling.

3. The Thrilling Adventure Hour

The Thrilling Adventure Hour
As a podcast and stage production, this one is worth listening to. It stars comedy nerds Paul F. Tompkins and Busy Phillips. The actors typically read and sing from scripts on a bare stage that is backed by a 6-person orchestra. The podcast is about storytelling in a way that would make you feel like you’re watching the production. It was created to replicate an old-timey radio show and is now a hit among kids.

4. Tumble

Tumble - a science podcast for kids
Tumble is a science podcast for kids or in other words, a Radiolab. Science is brought to life through storytelling. Kids can barely tell that it’s educational and that’s because it’s done in such a creative way that it makes learning fun.

5. StoryPirates

StoryPirates - comedy podcast
The Story Pirates consist of a group of comedians, actors, and improvers that act out original stories that were created by kids themselves. Sometimes, it’s just a bunch of silly madness while at other times, the group can hold it together. All in all, it’s fun to listen to.