Son Dancing With His Unsuspecting Mom During Her Exercise Went Viral

Recently, Noah Perchard and his mom went viral with several TikTok videos featuring him sneaking during her workouts and dancing with her while she wore a virtual reality headset. The wholesome videos have gone viral and people are now sending Perchard all kinds of requests for his video series.

Noah Perchard

Noah Perchard Went Viral Dancing

Fans of Perchard have given him many suggestions regarding what he should do when he sneaks into his mom’s workouts. In his videos, his mom comes into view while doing a VR workout. Unbeknownst to her, Noah would dance behind her for about 40 seconds before the video ends. The videos get progressively sillier and start featuring friends, various costume changes, and even a Spider-Man cameo.

The First Dancing Video Was Random

Son Dancing With His Unsuspecting Mom Went Viral During Her Exercise

Apparently, Perchard and his mom were having a good feeling about the content they were making, though they weren’t expecting they would go so viral just by dancing. Perchard shared he recorded the first video randomly and then showed it to his mom. She first felt insecure about the way she looked in the video but eventually, she didn’t care what other people would think, so he uploaded it. The first of the videos that were uploaded gained over 10 million views on TikTok and quickly got over 1.7 million likes. There is a lot of support for Perchard’s mom in the comments, as well as ideas for Noah’s next videos.

Some people suggested Noah should get a disco ball and set up some lights to make the place a production while another commented that he had to get strobe lights. On day two of the series, the video featured strobe lights, so it seems Noah and his mom read the comments and are open to suggestions. Apparently, Perchard’s mom first approves all the videos before he uploads them. It looks like the two have a great relationship and the videos will keep going.