Mom Records Her Children Using Landline Phones for the First Time

Children today seem to have a knack for showing us how old we really are. Kids have an inadvertently harsh way of reminding us that we’re living in difficult times, whether it be by making jokes about how outdated TVs used to look or by dressing up for “Throwback 90s Day.” Nothing makes a parent laugh more than when their child discovers something from “back in the day,” even though most things from our youth have come full circle, like 2000s fashion. Earlier landline telephones are included in this.

Mom Records Her Children Using Landline Phones for the First TimeThe Video Went Viral

When Leah captured her daughters using a landline phone for the first time, the video she posted on TikTok quickly became popular. The simple idea that you could contact someone on a landline profoundly scared the two girls. When the older girl picks up the phone, she’s shocked to find that it actually functions.

The older one excitedly called the adult’s number and pleaded with her to pick it up. The video then cuts to a fresh scene when the youngsters are phoning a different phone, with the younger of the two covering her mouth in amazement when the call again succeeds.

No iPhones or Samsung Devices Back Then… Just a Landline Phone

People can’t decide whether they were more thrilled that the landline phone actually made calls and that you could hear the person on the other end, or that you could actually dial or hang up the phone by simply pressing the number. The fact that you only needed to set the phone down to end a call delighted the kids to no end!

More than 1.3 million people have watched the video as of this writing, and many of the comments are coming from those who’re truly old enough to remember these landlines before smartphones. It’s astounding that we’ve come to a place where kids have no concept of what a landline phone is or how to use one.