Netflix Beat the MCU With the Release of ‘We Can Be Heroes’

Did Netflix ruin the MCU’s plans for a Young Avengers movie with the release of We Can Be Heroes? Some experts believe that they did. The movie stars Pedro Pascal in the role of Marcus Moreno, a retired superhero forced into duty because of an alien invasion. When the adult heroes get captured, the responsibility of saving the world falls on their children.

a scene from "We Can Be Heroes"

Marvel Can Envy We Can Be Heroes for Its Premise

The plot is seen by many as a natural storyline for a Young Avengers movie. With the passing of Iron Man and Black Widow and the retirement of Hawkeye and Captain American, it’s perfectly logical for the MCU to introduce a new generation of superheroes that will protect mankind and the galaxy from evil.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe
The fact that Marvel has been developing several movies and television shows that will introduce new characters such as Ironheart, She-Hulk, Mr. Marvel, etc, testify to Disney’s plans to put together another team of superheroes. This brings the question of whether We Can Be Heroes can truly rival its MCU counterparts or is it just a minor bump in the road.

The MCU Will Certainly Come up With Its Own Interesting Story

It’s an undeniable fact that the Marvel franchise is infinitely more popular throughout the world. Furthermore, it features heroes that are familiar to millions of people and which have been on the screen for over a decade. While the release of We Can Be Heroes can force the MCU to alter their storytelling there is no doubt that the studio will be able to grant its young superheroes a grand and memorable introduction that won’t mimic the plot used by Netflix.

The Young Avengers logo

Superheroes aficionados will have to wait until phase five to see the MCU’s newest team in action. Until then, they should take the time to enjoy Netflix’s latest superhero movie because it’s fresh, fun, and easy to watch.