Nicole Kidman on Parenting in Lockdown & How Keith Urban Saved Her

Nicole Kidman

2020 hasn’t been easy on anyone. Dealing with the stress of lockdown and isolation while also taking care of your family can take its toll on anyone, including celebrities like Nicole Kidman. Fortunately for her, however, her husband, New Zealand-born country musician Keith Urban, was there to save her from the “great killer” of loneliness.

Nicole Kidman’s Secret to Keeping It Together Through Tough Times

Nicole Kidman with husband Keith Urban at an awards show
The Big Little Lies actress recently opened up in an interview about how she finds the balance between her emotionally taxing screen roles and raising a family. She credits her success to having an amazing husband to come home to, as well as to going out for runs listening to music. Kidman, 53, gushed about what a “strong, warm, and kind man” Keith is, which is a particularly rare thing to find later in her life.

Nicole went on to praise her husband and how he saved her from loneliness, which she calls “the great killer” and the real “epidemic.” Kidman said she’s been very lonely in the past, and that’s something that affects people of all ages, no matter if they’re famous or not. She sympathizes with everyone who’s going through this pandemic without a person next to them.

Nicole Prefers Children to Adults

Nicole Kidman with her husband Keith Urban and their two daughters

Nicole Kidman shares two children with Urban, Sunday Rose (12) and Faith (9). The Australian actress shared that her daughters, much like their dad, also bring sunshine to the heavy days. She actually prefers children to adults these days, especially now that her sister has moved in with Nicole to help look after the kids and nieces since Keith is in Nashville releasing an album and Kidman is filming.

“I find their perspective not so heavy,” said Nicole when comparing children to adults. She likes that her daughters help her get into a “more childlike place” where things don’t “have to become a massive weight.” We have to admit, she has a point there!