How Does the Media Affect Your Kids?

The impact of media is stronger than ever in our lives today. We, the adults, start our day checking on the notifications from the social media platform and go to sleep while scrolling through Twitter or Facebook feeds. With the rise of technological advancement, it’s almost impossible to escape the powerful grasp of the media.
That being said, you can’t stop your kids from the influence of the media either. Most probably, your kids already have a smartphone, a PC, and maybe even a tab. So, the media eventually finds its way to your kids’ eyes!

How Does the Media Affect Your Kids?

But the question is – what kind of impact is the media having on our children?
No, we are never saying that media only has a negative impact on our lives; it has a tremendous amount of positive impact also.
So, check them out –

The Positive Impacts

Staying Updated
We are living in an extremely fast-paced world – things are changing faster than ever. Without the influence of media, we and our thoughts will soon turn into relics.

Learning New Things
Kids can learn a lot of new things every day from different education shows, videos, and documentaries. Think of wildlife documentaries or scientific documentaries about space exploration.

How Does the Media Affect Your Kids?

Having a tremendous amount of interest in the digital media content, kids will learn quicker and better.

Food for Soul
The main reason our kids and we stick to the digital screens is that we get entertained. The media keeps us happy, tells us stories, shows a new aspect of life. The bottom line is that we feel so glad.
So, in a way, the media is supplying food for our souls.

The Negative Impacts

Violence and Aggressive Behaviors
A vast percentage of ordinary people love watching action movies or TV series. We love seeing the hero fighting off the villains, and sometimes killing them.
Kids idolize these heroes more than us. So, they feel that fighting other people is justified; even killing them is good for society.
Such violent thoughts can have a substantial long-term negative impact on the kids.

Adoption of nasty Habits
We see so many people drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes in media that we tend to see it as “normal habits.” But both smoking and drinking are lethal habits.

How Does the Media Affect Your Kids?

Think of James Bond having a good sip of Martini or TV characters pouring bottles and bottles of alcohol in the parties. After watching it so many times, our kids feel that these are normal activities that they can do when growing older.

Caught in the Marketing Trap
Digital media content is filled with advertisements. We, the adults, understand that the commercials over-glorify different products so that people buy them.
But kids are more naïve than us. They easily fall into the marketing trap and love to follow trends and hypes. Even, they can get determined to buy different unnecessary products just because the commercials said so!

Media Addiction
Media contents are designed to release our dopamine; we are bound to feel happy and excited about different shows and movies.
It simply makes us happy.

How Does the Media Affect Your Kids?

Kids often get addicted to the media. The addiction to media content is very strong and could lead to disrupting the natural flow of life.
It is the biggest negative effect of media on your kids.