Mother and Daughter Sharing Kindness by Painting Rocks

Just when it might seem like there isn’t enough hope and joy in the world, communities and creative individuals come together at the right time to spread a positive message and a few words of kindness that can make someone’s day. A mother and daughter duo from Christiansburg, VA, are taking part in the viral trend called “The Kindness Rock Project”, painting rocks with positive imagery and leaving them for others to find.

The Kindness Rock Project - painted rocks arranged in the sand
The Kindness Rock Project

This is a project whose origins are traced back to 2015 when Megan Murphy from Cape Cod left a painted rock on the beach for her friend to find. Today, this is a viral trend on social media that many people from different countries take part in. Mother and daughter team, Katie and Abby, are painting happy images on rocks and posting pictures on social media as hints for others of where they might find them. Abby says that this is a fun way to visit many beautiful new places and get some fresh air. Katie agrees that it’s a good way to spend time together outside, and says that there are more Kindness Rock Groups in the area. These include #blacksburgrocks, MoCoVaRocks, and Kindness Rocks for Christiansburg, all of which have active Facebook pages.

The Kindness Rock Project - beautifully painted rocks with positive messages on them
The Significance Behind the Rocks

The intention behind the Kindness Rock project is to spread art, positivity, and kindness to others through positive imagery and inspirational quotes. As many children are taking part in this project, it serves as an excellent learning activity teaching art, empathy, and nurturing emotional development. The hope is that, whoever finds one of these rocks, will get a bit of joy from it and perhaps get inspired to spread a bit of kindness as well. Originating in the US, this trend has gone viral on social media and has spread to other countries including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and several other countries.