Is There Such a Thing as a Good Enough Parent?

Good enough parents aren’t after being perfect parents; neither do they anticipate perfection from their kids.

Parenting is one of the most important roles you’ll ever have, yet it doesn’t come with a manual. Most of it is on-the-job training, and every child is a different ‘job.’ You realize that there are countless ways to handle different parenting situations, and each of them has consequences. The best gift you can give to your family is parenting without guilt. Here’s how to do it:

Is There Such a Thing as a Good Enough Parent?

Who is a “good enough parent?”

A “good enough parent” understands that they can only do so much. It means letting go of self judgmental instincts. There are innumerable moments of parenting, and you cannot get all of them right. Sometimes you will make one or two mistakes and only get to know the impact decades later. No two parents or two children are the same, which means that every experience is unique. Therefore, as a parent, you should be at peace with the decisions you make and only work on doing your best rather than being the best.

Is There Such a Thing as a Good Enough Parent?

A great example of 5 traits of a “good enough parent”, in my opinion, are:

Keeps Encouraging

When your kids are out there, they will meet people from all kinds of backgrounds. Some will encourage them, while others will shun down their ideas. When your teen or even adult comes home with a host of self-doubt in them, offer the listening ear and warm shoulder to lean on. When your children know that you have their backs, they can conquer everything the world throws at them.

Being Flexible

Many of your parenting attempts will fail terribly. In case you need a good laugh, check online for “parenting fails and you will see a host of them. Whatever comes your way, you should be flexible enough to accept change. If one idea doesn’t work, try something else. Going with the flow will help you to stay calm.

Is There Such a Thing as a Good Enough Parent?

Being Self-Aware

Kids love mimicking what they see. Therefore, parents ought to be conscious of their actions because their little ones are watching everything they do. Parents should practice self-awareness. If you wouldn’t want to have disorganized kids, consider practicing proper organization skills.

Kids are noisy, messy, and not cute a lot of times. Life has seasons, and each of them will treat your kid differently. Parents ought to see the good in their kids even during the sad seasons. Learn to take a deep breath when your child is naughty. Also, know that you are doing great even when your kid doesn’t look like they turned out “Great.” After all, you did all you could.

Having a Sense of Humor

Your kids will give you countless opportunities to laugh, so don’t miss them. If you are too serious trying to be the perfect mother or father, these moments will go to waste. Remember that you will have an easy time keeping your sanity if you let it go and laugh along the way.