Does The Birth Order Of Your Children Really Shape Their Personalities?

Many of us have heard the stereotypes – and some have even lived through them – but could the birth order of your children really shape their personalities after all?

Does The Birth Order Of Your Children Really Shape Their Personalities?

The Oldest Child

Being the firstborn in the family can often make children feel more confident. They are the first to reach all those milestones, and with no one else around, their parents typically praise them as much as they can. This can lead to a feeling of confidence that follows them throughout their life, but could also be a downfall. The oldest child will often mirror their parents meaning they won’t do anything unless it’s perfect, such as coloring within the lines, and could even start to look after their younger siblings without realizing.

Middle Children

Have you heard that middle children rebel to stick out? There might be more truth to the rumor than we ever believed. Middle children are often considered to be the hardest to categorize as they typically act the complete opposite of their older sibling. So if their older sibling wants to please their parents all the time, the chances are the middle children will rebel against any rules. Thankfully, this can also make middle siblings brilliant negotiators as they learn how to haggle to get what they want, as well as looking for friends outside of the family.

Does The Birth Order Of Your Children Really Shape Their Personalities?

The Youngest

Ah, the youngest child. It appears as though most youngsters really do get away with more than their older sibling and can often find their milestones getting looked over by parents. After all, they have lived through them all before and may no longer be as exciting as they were with the firstborn. However, this typically makes the youngest child more sociable, affectionate, and carefree. That’s not all. Seeing their older siblings fast-forwarding through life can see many younger children rebelling to make sure they stand out from the rest of the family.

Only Children

Some children have no siblings to shape their personality, but being an only child can still have an effect on their characters. Many only children will spend a lot more time on their own meaning they are the most creative of any youngsters as they learn how to entertain themselves. Plus, being around adults for a large part of their lives means it’s likely they will pick up in their behaviors and act like mini adults rather than toddlers. Many only children may struggle to learn how to share without any other siblings in the house, but sending them to nurseries or kindergarten can help them to learn those vital skills.

Spending one on one time with your children can help you to learn all about their individual personalities, but who would have thought that your family’s birth order could have such an effect on shaping them for the rest of their lives?