A Mom Had an Unexpected Roadside Birth and Drove Home With the Baby

Heather Skaats, a mom from Kentucky started making headlines after delivering her baby on the side of the road. Not only did she have to go through this nightmare scenario but she also gave birth by herself and then drove all the way home with the baby still attached to her.

Skaats’ Due Date Was Three Weeks From the Unexpected Birth She Had

Heather Skaats, her newborn son, her midwife, and her other children

According to Skaats, she had a deceptively calm late-pregnancy day and despite having light contractions, she knew her due date was three weeks away. So, she continued her routine, as usual, fed her horses, and started running errands. Then, at some point, she got in the car with her kids she did not anticipate that her planned home water birth will not happen and that she would have to give birth on the go.

Skaats also stated that her contractions got progressively stronger during the drive and she sped up to try and get home faster. However, she suddenly felt the need to pull over and told her kids that everything would be okay. She then grabbed her phone, called her husband, went into the grass, and squatted. Skaats described how she gave birth without even having to push. She remarked how at one moment she was on the phone with her husband, Nick, and then 20 seconds later, she announced that their son was born.

After the Birth of Her Son, Skaats Drove Home Despite the Shock

Two of Heather Skaats' other children and her newborn son

Skaats was able to catch the seven-pound boy, who immediately opened his eyes and started crying. She proceeded to get back into the car with him still attached and introduced her other kids to their new sibling. The children, ages 2 to 13, were stunned and remained pretty quiet through the drive home.

After she came home, Skaats started getting help. Her 13-year-old daughter, Kaelynn, delivered the remains in the shower and the midwife arrived soon after. She quickly proceeded to help the mother of six pick the grass off the newborn. While Skaats reported that she was in shock after delivering her baby on the side of the road, she credited her experience with water births with helping her go through the process and remain calm.