3 Interesting Activities That Can Teach Kids About Money

Most people know that using money is a basic skill. However, the place where people often have trouble is when they try to figure out how to teach kids about money. It’s typically not as easy as teaching them how to ride a bike or make a sandwich.

Girl putting money in a piggy bank

Teaching Kids About Money

Even though it is not easy to do, there are a few activities that are both fun and interesting that kids can do to learn about money. Some of the favorites among families include paying it forward, the butterfly effect, and easy as pie.

Pay It Forward

Giving back is one of the most beneficial financial habits to have. Start by talking to your kid or kids about why everyone should give back and how a few dollars can make a large difference to those who are in need. Try matching their offer as an incentive. For instance, for every quarter your kid saves to give to charity, you’ll put a quarter of your own.

The Butterfly Effect

young boy calculating his savings
Delayed gratification is also critical. It’s important for smart spending, saving, and also investing. The Butterfly Effect takes a bit of planning and waiting, but along the way, your kid will have to carry out a few simple tasks like keeping the butterfly’s enclosure stocked with food, keeping the area moist, cleaning up after the caterpillar, and more. To celebrate each stage of your child’s development, you can agree to put a dollar (or another amount) into a jar so that they can watch their savings grow alongside their future butterfly.

Easy as Pie

Dessert is often a big motivator for kids, and it is a way to help them budget. Visit your local bakery and see how much a whole pie costs. The challenge is for your kid to bake the same pie for less money. Go to the grocery store with a recipe in hand. Have them price each ingredient, and if the price totals out to be less than the pie in the store, get cooking. If it doesn’t, see if they can substitute some ingredients until it does.