From Fear to Blueberry Cost: 4 Love and Hate Moments of Being a Parent

Having kids is a very special experience. You go from complete terror to pure joy in a matter of seconds. They are so funny and you can’t imagine life without them once they are around. But there are so many things you don’t know before you become a parent! You mainly get warned about sleep deprivation and the cost of raising a child, but there are some other aspects of parenthood we would like to share with you. Let’s jump right into it!

From Fear to Blueberry Cost: 4 Love and Hate Moments of Being a Parent
The Cost of Blueberries

Once your child transitions from a baby into a toddler, there’s a high chance for you to start following the price of blueberries like they’re the stock exchange. You’ll also probably spend a big chunk of your earnings on the best blueberries you can find. Look at it as a fun new hobby most parents take on!

Pregnancy Glow

Many people talk about the pregnancy glow but let’s face it, no matter how much you glow if you are in bed by 7 PM, no one will see your smooth, beautiful skin. You can always take advantage of the situation, though, and take more pictures.

Young mother help her son with drawingEating Leftovers

There will come a time when you will be that parent… eating the disgusting leftovers of your little one. But don’t worry about that, this time is just between you and your baby! You need to eat something too, after all.

Moving Freely

If you are a person who likes to move freely around, parenting can be stressful at the beginning for you. You will have to bring a lot more things with you every time you go out the door and make way more use out of the elevator. When pushing a stroller around, you’ll have to avoid some places and may not be able to get into every building, but this is also a time when you’ll be grateful for the people who fought for more places to have easier access for people on wheels.

Being a parent can cost a lot. It takes a lot from you but gives you back even more and that’s what you should remember and focus on. Take everything other people tell you with a grain of salt and enjoy your journey because it will surely be different, because it’s your own!