6 Ways to Successfully Remove Mold From Children’s Toys

Children’s toys can develop mold quickly if they haven’t drained properly or if they were left in a place with high levels of humidity. It only takes mold between 24 to 48 hours to develop on a damp surface and, once it does, it’s very hard to get rid of. Mold is known to be an allergen and can cause respiratory problems in adults and especially in children whose immune systems aren’t as developed. That’s why it’s extremely important to know how to properly clean every toy, be it a rubber ducky or a fuzzy teddy bear. Here are a few tips that are sure to do the trick!

A teddy bear in a plastic bucket
Covering All the Holes

Many types of toys, mostly plastic ones that are meant for bath time, have holes that can be used to make squeaky noises or squirt water out of. This might be fun for the kids but it also allows water to get into the toy and cause mold to develop. To avoid this issue, dry the toy thoroughly and plug the holes using a bit of hot glue.

A hot glue gun and a toy
Running the Toys Through the Washing Machine

With the right setting and proper cleaning products, the washing machine could help get mold and other contaminants off of fuzzy toys. If the plastic or silicone-based ones are durable enough to withstand it, run them through the dishwasher for the same effect.

toys arranged in a washing machine
Hydrogen Peroxide

Using a mix of one part hydrogen peroxide and two parts water, rinse, spray, or soak the toys to sanitize them fully. They should be washed with water and properly dried after so that the kids don’t get in touch with any remnants of the hydrogen peroxide.

A bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide
A Vinegar Solution

A mixture of half a cup of regular white vinegar and a gallon of water is excellent for cleaning any toy or different surfaces in the home. It’s best to let every toy soak in the vinegar solution for up to an hour to make sure that the mold and leftover spores are neutralized. The next step is to squeeze the vinegar water out, rinse or scrub down the toy, and lay them out to dry. If the vinegar scent is still present, rinse out again and repeat the drying process.

A bottle of white vinegar next to cleaning supplies
Boiling in Hot Water

A tried and true method of getting rid of mold from a child’s toy and different types of fabrics is to boil them in water. The same method is often used by mothers to sanitize baby bottles. The heat will destroy the bacteria and the mold spores, given enough boiling time. It’s extremely important to thoroughly drain and properly dry the item afterward for the proper effect.

Boiling Hot Water on a stove
A Bleach Soak

In a bucket, combine a gallon of water and ¾ cups of bleach. Any toy that’s soaked in the solution should be left to soak overnight. Wash every toy out several times to make sure that all the bleach is out before setting them out to dry. This is extremely important because bleach could also be dangerous to children. Caution is advised!

Pouring bleach into a measuring cup