Reddit Thread Shows the Ways Parents Shame Each Other About Daycare

A pediatric nurse practitioner who usually loves her job recently turned to Reddit to vent her frustrations over commonly encountering rude comments about parenting decisions while working. In the Reddit thread that followed, many parents discussed a particular breed of rude comments and hit on an important point, which is that not every family or situation is the same.

Unfortunately, not everyone got the memo that parenting situations defer. For example, you may not see daycare as the right place for your children, but this doesn’t mean it isn’t the perfect solution for somebody else.

Reddit Thread Shows the Ways Parents Shame Each Other about Daycare
The Reddit Post That Started It

The pediatric nurse shared that she commonly encountered negative comments regarding daycare while doing her job. She would ask the parents coming into her office if their child is in daycare because she needs to know about possible infections, notes needed, etc. In response, she would get something like “oh, Gosh no”, followed by a monologue on how bad daycare is. All while she’s taking care of their children while her own is in daycare so she can do her job!

These types of comments really are rude, as daycare is the only option for many parents. For some, hiring a nanny is just not feasible, while for others the cost of daycare is not something they can afford.

Shaming Is Everywhere

Of course, parents who take another route when it comes to raising their children can also be a victim of shaming. Some users commented that they have been side-eyed when they mentioned they use the services of a nanny for their children. For some, this is a luxury they can live without.

The truth is that whether you employ a nanny, send your kid to daycare, are a stay-at-home parent, or get the help of family members for the care of your littles, what’s important is the financial, emotional, and physical well-being of your family. As many parents said on Reddit, there’s never a perfect scenario.

Shaming also exists in friend groups and can be totally unintentional. However, what we need to remember is that everyone is different and what works for them may not work for us. Just be kind and do what’s best for your own family!