Ways To Discipline A Child That Don’t Involve Yelling

We all promise ourselves that we’ll never yell at our kids, then they do something to drive us up the wall and we snap. It can be hard to keep our temper in check when children are being naughty, but yelling always seems to do more harm than good. Here are some great ways to discipline a child that don’t involve yelling at them.

Time Out

Everyone has surely heard of the ‘naughty step’ by now? Made famous by people like Supernanny, taking time out is a great way of letting tempers fizzle out. This doesn’t just apply to putting children on the naughty step, though. Sometimes, as parents, we need to take some time away from the situation too. Taking a few moments to breathe will help us discipline our children in a more calm and rational manner.


Communication is key, and once you’ve taken some time out it’s important to work out how you want to approach whatever is making you want to yell. What is it you want to communicate with your child? How can you do this without raising your voice? Pay attention to your tone and try to keep it slow and authoritative. Children pay much more attention to this kind of communication than yelling.

Screaming woman

Find a Compromise

It may be odd thinking about compromising with a child. After all, you’re the adult that knows best, right? However, it’s not about ‘winning’ every battle to become the best parent you can be. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of compromise. If they want to stay out playing for another hour, but you want them in now, consider giving them 20 minutes instead. This helps your child feel as though they’re being listened to and that their feelings are important too.

Yelling at your child is a discipline method that just doesn’t work, so try these methods next time you feel tempers flaring.