The Benefits of Participating in a Sports Team

It’s troubling to know that while teenagers are physically able, only 40 percent are participating in active sports; both recreational and competitive. Unfortunately, this trend may continue going down because today’s teens are involved in indoor activities like surfing, video games, and chatting on social media.


From the tennis court to the soccer field, swimming pool and basketball court, teen sports is the ultimate learning and growth experience. Experts agree that sporting activities are great tools that society can embrace to help kids to develop life values and positive character traits.

Here is why you should encourage your teen to join a sports team:

You’ll Get Smarter

Teenagers usually drop off sports teams before reaching middle adolescence. They do so with the hope of getting more time to focus on other endeavors such as academics. Although intensifying the preparation for university is paramount, the idea that sports will prevent you from doing well is misled. Considering the brain-enhancing benefits that sporting activities attract, you will not only enjoy enhanced cognitive functioning but also improved academic performance.

You’ll Develop a Positive Attitude

Getting involved in athletics is not always about winning the trophy. It also focuses on other essential skills like hard work, skill-building, and team participation. Even the team that loses demonstrates individual skills when besides, losing encourages teenagers to work harder for the next match. Attitude is all about how one perceives the situation.

You’ll Enjoy Mental Health Benefits

Only a few activities can boost “feel good” hormones as much as sporting activities do. It is evident from statistics because most athletes do not experience anxiety and depression, unlike their non-athlete counterparts. With the increased cases of ill mental health, it is advisable for teenagers to participate in sports to maintain sound mental wellness.

You’ll Be Healthier

It’s pretty apparent that exercise promotes physical fitness. Unfortunately, many teens don’t take exercising seriously. If you don’t get the recommended amount of physical activity, you might become unfit. An unfit teenager stands a higher chance of accumulating excessive amounts of fat and has increased risk of metabolic diseases.

Sporting activities also enhance good bone health and reduce the risk of inflammation, which is a chronic disease. Participating in competitive athletics helps teenagers to build a strong foundation for healthy habits in the future.

You’ll Value Teamwork More

Being part of a sports team enables children to develop critical social and life skills. Whether they are following other people’s perspectives or giving the team’s needs precedence over theirs, young athletes learn that all members should respect each other’s abilities, opinions, and contributions for them to work together.

Teamwork is an integral part of youth sports where children engage in various activities throughout the day. It requires group participation. When everyone combines their efforts, the team members have fun and can easily win in competitions.

Encouraging your teenager to participate in sports activities is an excellent way of assisting them in developing lifelong skills. Teen sports promotes not only physical well-being but also mental and physiological.