Why It’s Completely Fine to Cut Off Toxic Family Members

Some studies have shown that over 27% of people, 18 years old or older, have cut ties with a family member. This makes roughly 67 million people, although they are probably even more. One of the studies has shown that 17% had experienced estrangement from an immediate family member. And that’s not all! There’s also a study that showed that 11% of moms between 65 and 75 have been estranged from at least one adult child. These situations can be caused by multiple reasons, but most people comment that toxic behaviors have made them end the relationship.

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Why It’s Completely Fine to Cut Off Toxic Family Members

What’s Toxic Behavior?

To recognize behavior as toxic you need to ask yourself if the person is being abusive, demanding, exploitative, and/or hurtful. These types of behavior lack something big – understanding of the emotions of the other side and care for their well-being. Such toxic behavior is usually amplified in a family environment since this is where you feel safe and can show the different sides of your character.

The thing with toxic behavior is that it makes the other person feel bad or upset when they spend time together. These people usually don’t hesitate to criticize and also tend to blame everyone else for their problems and unhappiness. They could also be great at gaslighting – a form of psychological manipulation, which makes you doubt your own perception of things. Sometimes, they can go as far as making you feel like you’re the bad guy who’s making others feel bad and manipulated.

How Can a Parent Deal With Toxic Family Members?

Although it may be hard, sometimes it really is necessary to cut off entirely some family members. If the family member in question isn’t capable of controlling their negative interactions and has been showing hurtful behavior towards your kids, there’s no reason to keep the relationship going. Things like having a sense of responsibility for your family, believing things can change, feeling of guilt, financial reasons, and more, can make you stay in a toxic and abusive relationship. But this is when you should really think about all of the good things that’ll come out of not having to deal with the abuse.

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Why It’s Completely Fine to Cut Off Toxic Family Members

Family relationships are never truly ended, even if you’re not spending any time with the person. You’ll always have an emotional connection with them. But, especially as a parent, you need to decide what’s best for your own family. Try to understand where this behavior is coming from. You’ll probably realize it’s nothing personal to you but if the person is still acting abusively, you have the right to end things with them.

Parents Hated the Oscars’ Version of ‘We Don’t Talk about Bruno’

During the 94th Academy Awards show on the 27th of March this year, there was a live performance of the ever so popular song ‘We don’t talk about Bruno’ from the hit movie Encanto. The cast of the movie took the song to the stage and did a performance with some guest stars including Megan Thee Stallion, Becky G, and Luis Fonsi.

Parents Hated the Oscars’ Version of ‘We Don’t Talk about Bruno’ The Problem with the Oscars’ Performance

What’s the problem you may ask, they sang the popular song many kids and adults love? The issue parents pointed out was the changed lyrics to fit the Oscars which Megan Thee Stallion delivered. She rapped “Magic everywhere. Stars everywhere. I need to see Oscars, Zendaya’s over there,” and then “Oh no, we got three hosts. These women are the best and they killin’ all the jokes.”

The audience at the Academy Awards applauded immediately but the parents and children at home were not so impressed by this turn of events. Many took to Twitter and shared their disappointment with the changed lyrics which led to their kids being sad for staying way past their bedtime to see a performance that was nowhere near their expectations.

Megan Stallion - a rapper who sang about the Oscars instead of the original lyrics of 'We don't talk about Bruno' What Twitter Users Had to Say After

Another user said that adding Megan Thee Stallion was a bad idea because the original cast barely sang the song, which ruined the whole experience. Many parents were discussing how disappointed their children were with the ‘We don’t talk about Bruno’ performance for which they waited over two hours and some even stormed to bed once it was done.

A user pointed out that the original cast got to sing just a verse and then the song was taken over by celebrities who made it all about the Oscars, which was definitely not the performance everyone was hoping for and expecting.