Ways to Encourage Kids to Have a Healthy Breakfast Every Day

Many parents have to deal with the same scenario morning after morning. The time to leave for school and work is drawing closer, yet the kids have barely had a mouthful of cereal or whatever was on the menu that morning. As it turns out, skipping breakfast isn’t uncommon for kids and teens, but it’s a habit that should absolutely be broken. After all, it’s the most important meal of each day!

young girl refusing to eat broccoli
What Makes Breakfast So Important?

As they’re growing and developing, children need all the right nutrients throughout the day, especially in the morning. A good breakfast can provide plenty of fiber, vitamin A, iron, calcium, folate, and other essential nutrients. A piece of fruit, a glass of orange juice, a fresh smoothie, or a cup of fruit yogurt in the morning can provide kids with a healthy dose of glucose which the brain prefers as an efficient energy source. A healthy meal in the morning could jumpstart one’s metabolism and could help lower a child’s intake of unhealthy snacks later on in the day.

young boy having breakfast
The Statistics Are In

According to studies that have been conducted on the matter, 15% of girls and 12% of boys ages 2 to 17 tend to skip breakfast. This tendency appears to grow as the kids get older, with statistics showing that, between the ages of 14 and 17, 36% of girls and 25% of boys usually miss this important meal. During a study done in the US in 2019, kids aged 6 to 11 and their parents were asked why they skip the morning meal. Most responses were that they feel rushed, don’t have a routine, or don’t enjoy the meal or the selection of food available.

Easter bunny pancake breakfast
Always Plan Ahead

There’s a way to encourage kids to eat breakfast and it’s never too late to try. Start by planning ahead. Create a morning routine that gives you and the kids enough time to eat without feeling rushed. Have a few healthy options ready each morning. It could be a nutritious brand of cereal, fruit smoothies, fruit, yogurt, toast, or even porridge which is great in the wintertime. Grab-and-go options can also be great, such as homemade muffins or banana bread made the prior evening.

family of four having breakfast
Remove All Distractions

Make sure that your kids can focus on having their morning meal. This means removing distractions such as the TV, phones, tablets, books, or toys. It’s important for every parent to lead by example, so be sure to sit down for a family meal and your kids will likely mimic your behavior. Soon enough, you’ll have established a great morning routine!