How to Exercise Safely During Winter When Pregnant

When pregnant, many women feel uncomfortable working out, especially when dealing with outdoor activities in the winter. With some tips, however, outdoor exercise can be fun. Read on to find out Sarah Campus’s tips on safe workouts during pregnancy in the winter. She’s the founder of LDN MUMS FITNESS and shares her own motivational hacks to keep her in shape during pregnancy.

The Importance of Exercise During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman who warms up before going to exercise

Working out throughout pregnancy is crucial in order to keep all joints and muscles well-prepared for the upcoming birth. In the first trimester, moms-to-be can try doing their regular workout routines. In the second and third trimesters, winter exercise can be as simple as a long walk in the park or as hard as running. Of course, moms-to-be mustn’t embark on an extra hard workout, especially if they are not used to it. Without further ado, check out Sarah Campus’s tips on safe winter workouts when pregnant.

Wear the Appropriate Clothing

Exercise in the winter is associated with dressing in multiple layers. The same applies to winter workouts. Wearing the right apparel while exercising in the winter is especially crucial for pregnant women. Their internal temperature is naturally higher, so they may feel comfortable even when it is very cold outside. Campus advises moms-to-be to wear hats and gloves and stay mindful of the weather. Put on a jacket, even if you don’t feel like you need it.

Staying Hydrated Is a Must

Another thing Sarah Campus advises is to stay hydrated during winter exercise. A woman’s body needs a lot more liquids during pregnancy. Fluids are lost much faster and must be replaced to avoid dehydration. That is because a woman’s body works incredibly hard to keep all systems functioning properly. Campus says moms-to-be must drink at least 500 ml extra water before and after winter running to replenish the loss of fluids.

Safety First at All Times

A pregnant woman who relaxes in the winter.

Winter running can be fun, even while pregnant, but moms-to-be must learn to listen to their bodies. Keep in mind that a woman’s heart enlarges by 15%, so it’s normal to grow tired more easily during exercise. Plus, the winter temperatures can also do their part in tiring a pregnant woman. And don’t even get us started on the extra weight they carry! So, stay mindful of your condition and don’t lose motivation if you’re not able to run as fast or for as long as you used to. Embrace the change your body undergoes and listen to it.

Online Gaming Helps Kids Deal With Conflicting Situations

Over the years, it’s become clear that online gaming is here to stay. It’s permeated the lives of adults just as well as it has with kids. Actually, some experts have begun to argue that online playdates might have a positive effect on children. Why is that? We delve into the world of kids’ online game playing and how it helps them handle conflict in real life.

What Experts Say

Two boys playing online games.

When asked, many parents say they both love and hate games like Fortnite and their counterparts. However, many have acknowledged the positive effect it could have on kids. Playing together allows children to comment on anything that might have happened at school. From discussing someone’s “anger issues” to strategizing on how to overcome a difficult challenge while playing online, gaming has the potential to teach kids a lot.

With that in mind, playing online games doesn’t mean leaving kids to fend for themselves. Sometimes, parental intervention is necessary. Keep in mind that the rules of real-life playing together may not always apply to online games. Here’s why a parent should step into their child’s online world.

Online Gaming Develops Problem-Solving Skills

Boys playing video games together

Randi Pochtar, Ph.D., is a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry at NYU Langone Health in NYC. She says parents should avoid meddling in their kids’ online gaming playdates, as it helps them develop problem-solving skills. The assistant professor believes intervention is necessary when there’s a safety concern involved. Otherwise, children should be left to develop problem-solving skills on their own.

Young kids may need assistance, though. Many of them still develop the language skills to express themselves. So, parents could help by encouraging them to use phrases that allow them to show how a certain action makes them feel.

How Intervention Should Be Done

If a parent sees that their kids struggle to solve some conflict while gaming online, they could try to speak with the other child’s parents (if they know each other, of course). Dr. Pochtar recommends parents suggest new playdates if necessary.

Mom and daughter discussing a problem.

If you deal with an older kid, they may not always welcome a parent’s eavesdropping approach. So, trying an inquisitive approach may go a long way. Say, for example, a kid says their friend has “anger issues.” Instead of debating the issue with your own judgments, Dr. Pochtar suggests parents deal with the matter with curiosity. Of course, children are allowed not to like a certain action of their friends while gaming online.

The parent’s role, in this case, is to show their kid that there’s nothing wrong with being disappointed by their friend’s reaction. But they should also help them learn that different actions (or reactions) should be treated as happening in the context of the game. They might not define who the other individual is in general. Such an approach may help children not take things personally.