Godzilla Demonstrates Parenting Tips In a New and Hilarious Video

In a new video, Godzilla is shown giving parenting tips. The clip is made with footage from old Godzilla movies that came out in the early years of the franchise. The series is still going strong today, but many fans would admit that it had its fair share of silly films over the years.

While the original Godzilla was praised as a metaphor for the consequences of atomic war, the later films focus more on giant monster battles. Also, many of the old Godzilla movies come across as a bit campy, especially when compared to the recent blockbusters. The Shōwa era, in particular, had some of the lowest ratings in the franchise. It is in those movies that Minilla was introduced in The Son of Godzilla.

Two Old Godzilla Movies Were Used for the New Clip

A scene from 'The Son of Godzilla'
The clip that emerged recently is made with footage from both The Son of Godzilla and All Monsters Attack, which were movies targeted towards younger audiences. The footage was cleverly cut and remade into a fun clip by Nerdist. The hilarious video uses some of the most laughable moments to show “Godzilla’s Guide to Parenting.” The video illustrates various parenting tips on socialization norms, physical play, discipline, and structure.

It Is Unlikely That Minilla Will Show Up On the Big Screen

A scene from 'All Monsters Attack'
Fans will probably never see Minilla on the big screen because it is among the more infamous Godzilla characters. Both Warner Bros Godzilla movies and the Japanese-produced Shin Godzilla are too serious to introduce a character like Minilla, but it is expected that Godzilla vs. Kong will show many of the King of Monsters’s iconic foes. Fans will probably see MechaGodzilla and other kaiju in future spin-offs. Maybe in time, those movies will show an updated Minilla that is worthy of attention.

For now, Minilla is among the more polarizing monsters and is both loved by some for nostalgic reasons and considered obnoxious by others. The new video is clearly meant to be humorous and Minilla fans will definitely enjoy seeing the character again.