Why Do Our Kids Need Their Grandparents In Their Life

There is something amazing about the bond between kids and their grandparents, and it goes beyond the fresh cookies and babysitting sessions. Research is increasingly confirming that children who experience effective relationships with their grandparents reap several benefits.

Why Do Our Kids Need Their Grandparents In Their Life

In our present mobile and dispersed society, people live states away from their parents; implying that they only get to meet a few times a year. That is unless grandpa and grandma make an effort to meet up. Cultivating a positive relationship between your children and their grandparents is not a walk in the park, but it is worthwhile.

Grandparents: Let’s Talk Science

Anthropologists were puzzled for a long time over the fact that human women lived past their reproductive years while primates didn’t. Scientists have concluded that the answer to this query is in what they call “Grandmother Hypothesis.” The theory states that women play societal roles beyond that of giving life. They watch over their daughter’s children, and they help with the family’s continuity. The account for why women would have to thrive even beyond their reproductive years explains why grandparents are important in their grandchildren’s lives.

The Benefits of Grandparents to Grandchildren

Research has shown that grandkids that have an emotional bond with their grandparents are happier than those who don’t. They have also displayed pro-social behaviors like generosity and kindness and are less predisposed to anxiety and depression. The involvement of grandfathers in a child’s development has been shown to boost their self-esteem, improve their performance in school, and make it easier for them to create and retain friends.

Why Do Our Kids Need Their Grandparents In Their Life

How comes a grandchild’s close relationship with grandpa and grandma has such a positive influence?
It has a lot to do with the particular kind of support, love, and mentoring that grandparents are known to offer. The love of a parent may be singular, but it tends to be limited, especially during a child’s formative years. Since parents have a lot on their plates, they barely have time for their young ones. On the other hand, grandparents have plenty of time to mold the little ones. That is why they are said to spoil children.

Here’s How Grandparents Might Influence Their Grandkids

Mentoring – They teach them and pass on practical knowledge and skills.
Character – They shape their grandkids’ personality and encourage them to be responsible.
Family Identity – They promote strong family ties and inter-personal relationships between the members.
Spiritual – They offer encouragement, advice, and comfort.

Why Do Our Kids Need Their Grandparents In Their Life

Investment Work – They encourage kids to become financially self-reliant when they get into adulthood.
Lineage – Grandparents can help their grandchildren to understand their family history.
Recreation – They participate in leisure activities with the young ones.

Grandparents Also Need Their Grandchildren

Grandparents that have the privilege to have connections with their grandkids have better psychological health than those who don’t. Research shows that they aren’t prone to depression and other kinds of mental illnesses. One study showed that positive relationships with family reduced mortality cases among seniors.

Why Do Our Kids Need Their Grandparents In Their Life

Family members experience unconditional love from each other. Parents ought to encourage their kids to have positive relationships with their grandmother and grandfather so that all parties enjoy the benefits named above.