Moms Share Their Tips On How They Get Their Kids To Brush Their Teeth

There are many battles that we can have along the way, and getting our kids to brush their teeth can be one of the many. Look no further. Moms have shared their tips on how they get their kids to brush their teeth, and it could be all the inspiration we need.

Moms Share Their Tips On How They Get Their Kids To Brush Their Teeth

Give In To Gimmicks

Many of us have seen the toothbrushes and toothpastes covered in children’s characters. Why start a battle when a simple switch could be enough to keep them interested? Sometimes, letting little ones choose their own toothbrush and toothpaste endorsed by their favorite character could be all it takes to get them on board with brushing their teeth.

Keep Them Laughing

Laughter can be one of the best ways to get your children to want to brush their teeth. One mom confesses to finding funny items in her child’s mouth to help the brushing pass with ease. How did a horse get to the back of their teeth? What is a car doing hiding at the side? It can be the little things that keep them distracted.

Moms Share Their Tips On How They Get Their Kids To Brush Their Teeth

Look For Treasure

This game can be along the same lines of looking for funny items in your child’s mouth. However, this adventure is all about looking for treasure instead. It could be brushing around with the toothbrush for gold, trying to find a hidden pirate’s map, or hoping to find some jewels. Whatever the case, the only way to collect it all is with the toothbrush!

Sing Songs

Some children like to know how long they have to be patient. Singing a different song for each part of their mouth could be what they need to know when their time brushing their teeth is almost over. The best bit? You could soon find yourself more caught up than ever with all those lyrics.

Moms Share Their Tips On How They Get Their Kids To Brush Their Teeth

All That Glitters

Thankfully, children’s toothpastes come in all shapes and sizes to make brushing teeth as exciting and fun as possible. One mom admits that she found a brand of toothpaste that came filled with glitter. All that shiny goodness was enough for their little one to get on board with the idea of brushing their teeth while still getting all the benefits of a regular toothpaste.

Create A Game

There can be many ways to create a game with brushing teeth. It could be to see who can brush their teeth for the longest, who can get the most bubbles, or dancing around the bathroom while getting those teeth nice and clean. Not everything has to be dull – and kid brushing their teeth can be another excuse to play.

Put down the weapons and step away from the battleground. These tried and tested tips could be all parents need to help their kids brush their teeth without too much resistance.