Incredible Parenting Lessons From Supernanny

Since Supernanny (Jo Frost) came into our lives, we have been hooked. In fact, most people started watching this show before they became parents themselves! For those who don’t know, Supernanny comes into family homes and helps struggling parents with their children. It’s a must-watch and teaches so many incredible parenting lessons. Here are just some of the best.

Children need a routine

When there is no routine in a family’s life, there is ultimately chaos. Children, especially those that are anxious, need to know that there is a routine that they can stick too. Parents also need that sense of routine, so that they know what they can realistically get done in a day. Instead of just ‘winging it,’ try putting together a poster-board that contains the family routine like Supernanny does.

Naughty children tend to be bored

Following on from the routine tip, children who are bored tend to be the ones that misbehave the most. However, if there is a routine in place then this tends to stop happening. Ensure you spend some time showing your children how to play nicely together – and get involved when you can! However, don’t be afraid to let them have time to play alone, and ensure this is on the routine so they know that’s what they should be doing.

Listen to your children

As parents, we can often think we’re the boss and that our kids just need to put up and listen to us. However, it’s important to remember that these are little humans with thoughts and feelings. When they act up, it’s maybe because they’re not getting enough attention or feel as though they’re not being listened to. Take some time to find out what your child really wants.

Supernanny has been on our screens across the globe since 2004 and there’s a very good reason for that… She knows what she’s talking about!