Study Has Found A Surprising Way To Improve Children’s Reading

We all want our children to do well at school and to excel in all of their subjects. The first thing children learn, after talking and walking, is how to read and write. Their reading level can be an important milestone for parents to monitor and improve, but how? Well, it seems as though this study has found a surprising way to improve children’s reading.

Swedish Study

A small study of 161 students was undertaken in Sweden to put a theory to the test. The children, aged between six and eight, were tested in 2016 by a group of researchers who wanted to know whether their diet impacted their reading ability. What was found back then was pretty fascinating and it seems as though more studies are now being undertaken to see whether the results match up on a larger scale.

Healthier Diets

Children were tested between first and third grade to see whether what they ate had an impact on their reading skills. It seems as though the children who refrained from eating a lot of sugary foods and red meat were better readers. Using a food diary, their meals were recorded throughout the experiment and the results were clear. Those who had a diet consisting mainly of fruit, vegetables, fish, unsaturated fats, and whole grains saw their reading skills improve. The healthier diet also led to better reading skills by third grade, regardless of how well the children could read in first grade.

What This Means

So, what does this mean for our own children? It definitely seems as though cutting out too much sugar and red meat could improve their reading skills. Focusing on a healthier diet could improve how quickly they learn to read – which can only be a good thing!

It’s time to hide the sugary snacks and bring out the whole grains if we want to make our children better readers!