Things No Parent Should Ever Say To Their Child

Have you ever found yourself resorting to those tried and tested phrases with your young one? It might be time to stop as there are so things no parent should ever say to their child, and they might be more common than you think.

Things No Parent Should Ever Say To Their Child

If You Really Loved Me

Feeling guilty is a normal human emotion, but your child feeling guilty about their love for you shouldn’t be something that is used against them. In fact, this phrase can often break the love a little one has for their parent as they might start to question if they feel as though the bond they have is being challenged by certain actions. Experts believe it’s better young ones know they are loved – even when they are acting out.

Go To Your Room

This might have been a common phrase in many households throughout childhood, but it might finally be time to put this one to bed. A timeout can be all it takes for a kid to think about their behavior and reflect on what they have just done. However, sending them to their room can give them the chance to surround themselves with all their favorite toys. The chances are they won’t be doing much thinking about their behavior in there.

Things No Parent Should Ever Say To Their Child

Why Can’t You Be More Like..?

Comparing your child to a sibling or fellow youngster can seem like an easy way to snap your child’s focus onto their behavior. However, you might actually be causing plenty of damage as a result. This can lead to rivalries between siblings and friends. Rather than comparing one another, it’s better to have them work alongside each other and point out their individual strengths over any weaknesses they might have.

Or Else

This is a phrase that can often be deemed as a threat. Sure, many parents say it in anger, but what does it really mean? Consequences work better if they are directed toward a youngster’s behavior rather than making them fear what could be in store if they carry on misbehaving. Plus, “or else” gives children a chance to question what will happen. This can leave for some awkward situations when there’s no answer to give.

Things No Parent Should Ever Say To Their Child

You’re Bad

Not many of us like to hear that we’re bad people, and the same goes for our kids. Sometimes, their actions can make it seem as though they are bad children, but it’s best to keep these thoughts to ourselves if we want to avoid creating problems in the long run. A better way to handle the situation? By labeling the unwanted behavior as bad rather than the little one themselves. However, recognizing their good behavior is likely to be the safest bet.

Sometimes, it can be easy to find ourselves caught up in the moment and find the words are falling out of our mouths. However, words can last a lifetime, and avoiding these phrases should lead to a much healthier childhood.