A Fifteen-year-old Fulfilled Her Dream of Becoming a Female Eagle Scout

Recently, Lily Morse made history by becoming one of the first female Eagle Scouts in the US. She also became part of the nation’s inaugural class made up of all female Eagle Scouts. The teenage girl was inspired by the amazing stories her dad told her about being an Eagle Scout and doing interesting things like backpacking and going to Mexico. Apparently, she really wanted to engage in thrilling activities just like her dad.

Only 4 to 6% of All Scouts Attain the Honor of Becoming an Eagle Scout

Lily Morse hiking in the Grand Canyon.
Scouts BSA is a program for kids in fifth-grade through high school, and last year, it started welcoming girls. Seeing this as an opportunity, Lily signed up at the Long Beach Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America. The former girl scout shared that a lot of boys and even some adults told her she shouldn’t be joining the Boy Scouts. While she acknowledged it felt frustrating at first, Lily said these comments just encouraged her to keep pursuing her dream of becoming an Eagle Scout even harder.

John Fullerton, who is a Scout Executive for the Long Beach Area Council, said that they have close to 300 girls, which is between 10 and 14% of the membership. Fullerton also said that on average, just about 4 to 6% of all Scouts manage to attain Eagle Scout.

Lily Morse Wants to Become a Leader and Mentor for Other Girls With the Same Aspirations as Her

Lily Morse an Eagle Scout Girl Taking Part In Her Leadership Project
During the past eighteen months, Lily rose through the ranks of the organization by attaining merit badges for hiking and cycling, completing her own leadership project, and leading a team that was building tables for a San Pedro native plant nursery. Her father, Gregory Morse, said he was very proud of her and felt fortunate to have the chance to do some scout activities with her.

Lily’s family moved to Montana recently, where she plans to get involved with a local troop with the goal of acting as a mentor and leader for girls in the Boy Scouts of America. She said she wanted to show other girls and other people that they, too, have a place in the organization.