Girls Should Hear Their Fathers Say These Things at Home

A father might not realize it, but the lessons his daughter receives can be direct or indirect. You can sit your daughter down and talk to her about the important things in life, or you can talk to other family members even when she’s not in the room. It’s important what girls hear when they’re in the next room because those lessons stick just as much as direct lectures and talks.

Father talking with his teenager daughter at home

Tell Her Mother She’s Great

When your wife is talking on the phone, she might get angry and want to scream at the person on the other side, but instead, she chooses to stay calm and firm. That deserves commending! You, as a father figure, should always tell your wife how proud you were of how she handled the situation – tell her she did great! If your daughter is near, she’ll hear the praise and know it’s okay to be assertive.

Tell Girls Everything

In general, children are fascinated by the stories their parents tell them about their lives before. It’s interesting seeing how someone lived before you, but you shouldn’t share only the good stories. Through your stories, your daughters – your girls – can learn so much! But they need to understand who to be friends with and who to avoid.

Apologize When Necessary

When your daughter constantly hears you apologizing to her mother or others in the household for interrupting – they take that in as a life lesson. That way, she knows what to expect from the man by her side one day. They know it’s a good thing to apologize, and they’ll expect to hear that later on. It’s a big part of ensuring your daughter finds the right person for her.

Clothes and Appearance Speak Volumes

Commenting on your wife’s appearance, and knowing your daughter can hear, is essential for a good life lesson. But don’t comment on just appearance – comment on what those clothes are saying. Saying things like ‘Wow, you look so strong’ can tell your daughter indirectly that to be a strong woman and look the part – she should dress a certain way. It teaches her to focus on what clothes say rather than focusing only on appearance alone.

Make Arrangements – Be Equal

There’s work around the house or chores that often fall automatically to the girls – it’s a known fact. But if a daughter hears her father arranging tasks and spreading them equally to everyone – she’ll know that’s normal, and she’ll look for that later in life.

A father’s job is to teach his girls to be strong women and expect more for themselves later in life. Direct lessons are highly important, but indirect ones are just as essential. When you’re talking around the house, know what you’re talking about because you never know when someone is listening!

Five Ways for Parents to Spend Meaningful Weeknights With Their Kids

No working parent wants to hear that their child is spending more time with their nanny than with them. Unfortunately, modern-day dynamics are forcing moms and dads to face this harsh reality. On good days, parents get to spend between two and four hours with their kids. This means that working mothers and fathers are bound to miss some important milestones such as a baby’s first words or steps, a child’s first day at school, or a teenager’s first crush.

Five Ways for Parents to Spend Meaningful Weeknights With Their Kids While two to four hours may seem too little given that there are 24 hours in a day, it doesn’t mean that parents cannot make the most of it. There are different ways for moms and dads to spend meaningful weeknights with their kids.

Enjoy The Moment

The secret to contentment is the ability to take the time to notice and enjoy a moment as it is happening. It doesn’t have to be something big. In fact, it can be anything — a cute mispronounced word, a funny situation, or a nice meal. Being present while spending time with their children is not only good for bonding but will also reassure kids that their parents see them and care for them.

Forget About Work

Many mothers and fathers make the common mistake of bringing their work-related worries home. This creates tension that children can feel, meaning they choose to keep their distance instead of being with their parents. Furthermore, this bad habit gives kids the feeling that their moms and dads shouldn’t be bothered because they are busy working. Parents should find ways to take a pause from their professional obligations so they can truly be with their children during the few hours they have together.

Pull Away From Phones

Smartphones and other devices can really get in the way. While it is understandable that the modern world expects people to be reachable 24/7, it doesn’t mean that moms, dads, and kids should be on their phones the entire time. Pulling away from devices is an excellent way to create memories. Parents and children can play games, watch movies, tell stories, discuss ongoing events, exercise, and more.

Special Events With the Kids

Traditions are important. They have a huge impact on the dynamics between different family members. Creating regular events is a great way for parents and children to have meaningful weeknights. It can be anything from taco Tuesdays to Friday game nights. Having a special day and hour when the family gathers to be together can make a big difference and bring happiness to everyone.

The Power of Touch

Touch is a very powerful sense. It helps us feel connected to one another. Several studies have shown that skin-to-skin contact with their mothers allows premature babies to gain weight faster. It also helps kids deal with pain regardless of their age. Hugging their children or putting their heads together is a superb way for parents to show their love.

Parents can combine these five techniques to spend amazing weeknights with their children no matter how much time they have to be together.