The Pros And Cons Of Teenagers Having Technology

If you have a teenager, or a child soon to become a teen, then technology might feel like a bit of a minefield for you. Most teenagers spend hours a day glued to screens, but is it doing them more harm than good? Some parents want to limit their teenagers’ time with technology, but are there some pros as well as cons? We go through the good and bad parts of teens and tech.

The Pros

For the most part, teenagers use technology to maintain social relationships and keep in contact with friends. As long as they don’t have open social media profiles, and ensure they only accept people they know, this can be positive for them. Young people can also find forms of self-expression and form communities using forums and social media sites. On top of this, a working phone is important for teenagers when it comes to keeping safe. You don’t want your teen to be stuck somewhere, just because they can’t call for help. Finally, technology enables teenagers to learn new information – whether that be for school projects or through self-teaching.

The Cons

Of course, alongside the long list of positives, there are some downsides when it comes to letting your teenager use technology. For a start, they can become victims of cyberbullying or trolling if they’re using tech to maintain a social life. It is important that your teen knows they can talk to you if they ever feel as though they are being targeted or harassed online. There are also growing worries about the impact on young people’s mental health if they use technology as their sole point of contact. Ensure they get some face-to-face time with both their friends and their family.

There are various benefits for your teenager when it comes to technology, but there are also some risks to be aware of too. Ensure your teen understands privacy settings and that they can turn to you if they ever come across anything unsafe.