A Dad Has Started Standing In as Parent for LGBTQIA+ Weddings

Most people would agree that everyone deserves to be surrounded by their loved ones on their wedding day, and this usually includes the parents. So, a TikTok dad has managed to create a community of people dedicated to ensuring LGBTQIA+ couples get that by standing in as a parent.

LGBTQIA+ People Can Rely On Dan Blevins to Stand In as a Parent

A Dad Has Started Is Standing In as Parent for LGBTQIA+ Weddings
A Dad Has Started Standing In as Parent for LGBTQIA+ Weddings

Ever since the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal in the US in 2015, people have come a long way in terms of understanding sexuality, but people of the LGBTQIA+ community still have problems. One of those is that their parents do not always accept them for who they are and sometimes refuse to show up at their weddings. So, a dad from Tennessee started offering to stand in as a family member at those weddings and created a trend by talking about it on TikTok. Now tens of thousands of others are following his example and doing the same.

Blevins Invites LGBTQIA+ People to Message Him If They Need His Help

Even if Blevins has to attend another wedding on a given day, he has plenty of back-ups to call upon. If he is not available, one of his friends usually is, and since he has created a new trend, many others are ready to take on the task. Blevins also invites people to help spread the word regarding the initiative. His initial video now has more than 16.8K likes, 300 shares, and 2K comments. One top commentator stated that he just wanted parents, but since his parents turned on him because he was trans, he thought that the initiative was great. Blevins’s video garnered many such comments from the LGBTQIA+ community.

Dan Blevins standing in as parent for an LGBTQIA+ wedding.
A Dad Has Started Standing In as Parent for LGBTQIA+ Weddings
Many people wanted to know how they could also help and asked how they could sign up to be a parent. Apparently, Blevins has created a community that spans TikTok and Facebook groups for both Canada and the U.S. People who stand ready to connect with LGBTQIA people who need stand-in parents for their wedding day now number more than 34K members.