An 11-Year-Old Boy Donates 22,000 Diapers to Single Mothers

Cartier Carey, an 11-year-old boy from Hampton, Virginia, spent the summer at his lemonade stand. However, what’s different about Cartier and his profits is that he used the money to buy diapers, wipes, and other supplies for parents who needed help during the ongoing pandemic.

Cartier Carey and his lemonade stand
Cartier Notices a Shortage of Diapers in Stores

“Oh people are having babies so I should help [them] afford diapers,” said Cartier. He made about $4,500 in the first month after starting his lemonade stand. What was different about Cartier’s lemonade is that it was also a diaper drive where people could donate diapers.

Cartier and his mom next to their lemonade/diaper stand

Cartier has already started virtual school. Even on his first day, he’s still hard at work loading up a truck with more than 22,000 diapers.

Cartier’s Kind Act Touched so Many People

One mother was moved to tears, saying that Cartier’s work reminded her of a time when she was in need and couldn’t afford diapers. She told the generous kid that she used to live in a church home and she’s made it because of people like Cartier. “You’re an amazing young man, and you can go far,” the woman added.

Cartier working at his lemonade stand

The Mission Will Continue

Cartier shares that he was heart-touched by the responses and almost cried when the woman mentioned above hugged him. He realized that he’s doing something right and wants to keep on doing it.

Cartier smiling at the camera
Although he’s back in school, he’s certain that he’ll continue his kind mission. With the help of his mother, Cartier started a non-profit organization called “Kids 4 Change” with the idea to help other children get involved in the initiative. The kid’s inspiration is Kobe Bryant as the late basketball player inspired him to be great and work. The young man wants to allow everyone else to make a difference, and he believes that nobody is too young to save lives.